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  • New drive options: bigger, faster Intel SSDs!

    Intel recently released their new generation of 330 series SSD drives.  These take over from the well regarded X25-M SSD drives.  But add more capacity.  Better performance.  And lower cost per GB! Our new Sandybridge dedicated servers come with SATA3 which helps maximize the 330 series drive performance.  Data sheets show that over SATA 3 […]

  • Special Offer: Upgrade your RimuHosting VPS to a VPS on a dedicated server?

    Updating this list as part of our commitment to offering great server deals, current as of 28th August 2011. We have some older but still powerful machines available. Rather than let them gather dust, we thought we would offer them to customers who are currently have a VPS on a shared host. And would like […]