WordPress mass update script 3.2

This script will search /var/www (changeable in a variable) for any wordpress installs and make sure its upgraded to the latest version.
It will run a backup to /root/wp_upgrade/ of all files and database before doing anything with the site in case of major catastrophe (make sure you have spare disk space if your sites have a lot of uploaded files).

I have now added putting the site into maintenance mode whilst upgrading. This just involves adding a .maintenance in the document root.

It pays to check each site after the upgrade to make sure plugins all worked (and upgrade plugins before the upgrade works also!)

Let me know if you have any bugs at all, or any problems.

Here’s your script to upgrade them all.

wget http://b.ri.mu/files/wordpress-upgrade-3.2.sh
bash wordpress-upgrade-3.2.sh

f441261fdcb09ac64f98ab9a28f743a6 wordpress-upgrade-3.2.sh

61794bdacc4223fa88bb6737552bb8a7cf8f432f wordpress-upgrade-3.2.sh

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5 Responses to WordPress mass update script 3.2

  1. Sam P says:

    Wow, its like the One Ring of WordPress

    Ta Liz

    • Liz Quilty says:

      Yep! I have a lot of wordpress users on my own server, so this helps me keep my server secure by upgrading them, and saves me time :D

  2. Scott hack says:


    Tried using this on my server and I'm having an issue. Completely admit to being a noob, and maybe this wasn't something I should have tried to tackle. I actually set it up to only do one site by limiting the search directory to just one account. Everything appear to update fine, but now when I try to visit the site, I am getting a Forbidden 403 error. Any suggestions?

  3. Scott hack says:

    Apologies for being a pain. I was able to use FTP to chmod the directory to 777 and it loaded up. I'm guessing this isn't the ideal setting though.

    • Liz Quilty says:

      Glad you got it sorted, currently im on holiday. If there is a major problem and you are a rimuhosting customer then just submit a support ticket to get things sorted :)