HOWTO videos for Rimuhosting Control Panel on youtube

Sometimes explaining how to do something in the control panel can be fairly involved, and often confusing for people new to VPS or Rimuhosting. We have a fairly involved control panel that can do a lot of tasks, and it saves you a lot of time if you can do these things yourself in your own time, the way you want them done.

For this reason, i have spent a fair amount of time going through a lot of the more common, and somewhat complex tasks via the control panel, and using a screen capture tool, and uploading these to youtube.
This allows you to see exactly how its done, or where on the page a particular link is.

For new customers, wanting to see what we offer, and how our control panel works, these videos give you a good idea, before you sign up. A lot of VPS companies do not allow some things like console access or similar, and you find these things out when its too late more often than not. This shows you exactly what we have available, and how easy it is to use.

You can find all our video tutorials on youtube at