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  • Worried about privacy on public meeting apps? Try Big Blue Button

    Recently its come to light that Zoom were keeping video footage of meetings in their T&C. The Software Freedom Conservency calls on its members to eschew Zoom and instead use Open Source (and self-hosted) alternatives. If you are a company and want something a little more secure, that works easily with a nice web interface,…

  • Centos 6 released for VPS usage @ Rimuhosting

    We now have Centos 6 available for our new and existing customers to install if needed. There appear to be no major differences other than newer versions of software, and no problems installing it or gotchas. You can read the release here http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS6.0 If you already have an older VPS and want to reinstall ,

  • HOWTO videos for Rimuhosting Control Panel on youtube

    Sometimes explaining how to do something in the control panel can be fairly involved, and often confusing for people new to VPS or Rimuhosting. We have a fairly involved control panel that can do a lot of tasks, and it saves you a lot of time if you can do these things yourself in your…