Wildcard DNS queries added to our DNS API

We are updating our DNS API (Zonomi and RimuHosting) to support a name/host argument of **.example.com (where example.com is your DNS zone).  This will find any DNS records ending with example.com.

This could be used, for example, in providing your own UI from end to our name servers.  Or for setting up slave DNS servers.



Would result in something like:


The change is currently live on Zonomi and should be up on RimuHosting in 0-7 days.

PS we are using **. rather than *. since it is possible to have a *.example.com record (a wildcard entry).  And we need a way to disambiguate searches for all records under example.com and wildcard records under example.com.

Oh, and PS: we also now support converting a zone from a master to a slave and vice versa.  This was a commonly requested feature for our customer’s integrating our DNS hosting into their own client hosting provisioning systems.

For more information on our DNS API see https://zonomi.com/app/dns/dyndns.jsp

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