VPS-on-dedicated server hosting v2.0

Today RimuHosting introduce our version 2.0 of our VPS-on-dedicated server hosting.  With this upgrade you get:

  • Instant dedicated server setups.
  • Great discounts on selected dedicated servers (starting at $120/m).
  • The power of dedicated servers with the convenience of cloud virtualization.
  • Dedicated server hosting billed by the minute or hour or day or month.

VPS-on-dedicated-server hosting is a hybrid VPS/dedicated server.  You get the power of a dedicated server.  For example, you do not share your disk IO or CPU with any other users.

But you also get the convenience of a VPS.  For example, you get browser-based access to disk image snapshots, restores, reboots, kernel selectors, install server reinstalls.

In June 2006 RimuHosting was the first Linux hosting company to offer this Xen-based VPS-on-dedicated server hosting.

Today we continue that innovation by updating our Launchtime ordering system so that you can order a VPS-on-dedicated server.   Simply select the 'VPS on your own dedicated server' option, then choose one of our pre-setup dedicated servers.

We have pre-setup dedicated servers as VPS hosts.  We currently have servers listed from $120/m Core2 quad core servers up to $200/m dual CPU Xeons with 8GB of memory.  And we will be adding a mix of servers into that offering over time.  Look for some great one-off dedicated server specials.

You choose your distro and control panel as normal.  If you're an existing customer your setup can run immediately.  If you are a new customer we will sanity check your order and typically you'll have the server setup in 30 minutes.

Servers ordered qualify for our per-minute pricing.  So you can grab a dedicated server, use it for an hour or day or week or two.  Then shut it down.  You will get a pro-rated credit that applies against any future invoices.

For more information on our VPS-on-dedicated server hosting see http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/rimuhosting/vps-setup-on-dedicated-servers

To order a see our VPS-on-dedicated pricing and order your next dedicated server go to http://rimuhosting.com/order/vps-on-dedicated.jsp.

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