Month: November 2011

  • Fixing broken permissions or ownership

    People are not perfect, not even the staff here. Perfection is not required to be a sysadmin we found, just some good shell scripts to fix things when you break them accidentally. One of the more common accidents are chown or chmod ones, especially the ones done as root from / . Its easy to…

  • Using swap within a VPS

    In a virtual environment, disk io can be about the most expensive operation there is. And swap (virtual memory) depends on that heavily. By default we configure a small swap partition for each VPS server so conditions where memory is exhausted can be detected more consistently,

  • Easy application hosting using StandingCloud and RimuHosting

    Imagine being able to configure a server, pre-setup and ready to run your favorite webapp, with a push of a button.  Need a bug tracking system?  Just hit a button, and wait a minute, then log into your own Bugzilla app.  No sysadmin skills required.  No wondering about best practices or security upgrades. StandingCloud are…