Easy application hosting using StandingCloud and RimuHosting

Imagine being able to configure a server, pre-setup and ready to run your favorite webapp, with a push of a button.  Need a bug tracking system?  Just hit a button, and wait a minute, then log into your own Bugzilla app.  No sysadmin skills required.  No wondering about best practices or security upgrades.

StandingCloud are making this possible.  They currently have 101 web applications that can be deployed and managed on a cloud server with a push of a button.  They automate the sysadmin tasks required to install and manage these applications, and use 3rd party cloud hosts to provide the hosting platform.

StandingCloud lists the available webapps at http://www.standingcloud.com/network and they include Bugzilla, Coppermine, DokuWiki, Drupal, GeoServer, Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, OpenVBX, osCommerce, osTicket, Redmine, Silverstripe, WordPress and Alfresco among others.

As of 1 November RimuHosting is now one of the supported cloud hosting providers.

StandingCloud can operate a couple of ways.  They can either provide the hosting (using RimuHosting) and charge you directly for the hosting service.  Or you can plug in your RimuHosting API key and then there is no StandingCloud charge for the hosting part of the service (the server is billed directly on your RimuHosting account).  In the latter case StandingCloud will charge a lower monthly fee for providing the application management.

It is pretty simple to plug in your RimuHosting API keys:



And after you have created an instance of a hosted application it appears in your StandingCloud control panel:


If you happen to be an open source- or commercial application-developer then StandingCloud may be a great way for you to offer your users an easy installation and hosting option.

If you would like your users to be hosted on a RimuHosting server then just send them through to our StandingCloud landing URL at http://www.standingcloud.com/poweredby/rimuhosting

StandingCloud offer free trials so it is easy to ‘kick the tyres’ and get a feel for how it works.  If you like what you see, do let us know: the good folks at StandingCloud are looking to feature a RimuHosting user in an upcoming web article.

4 responses to “Easy application hosting using StandingCloud and RimuHosting”

  1. I’m an okay sys admin but I’m very short on free time. I need to get this WordPress server set up for my sister’s business. Do you think I should use Standing Cloud to set it up or would I be better off sticking with Aptitude and some config files?

  2. For a one off setup its probably easiest doing it directly/yourself. If you get stuck or need a hand just pop in a ticket and we can take care of it for you as well.