Introducing 2 Parts Magic

I am happy to announce the launch of a new RimuHosting service: 2 Parts Magic web app development services

2 Parts Magic is team of web programmers.  Based here in the Cambridge RimuHosting offices.  They write browser based web applications for start-ups and successful Internet-based businesses.  So you can use their services to implement your rich internet applications.  Typically forms or pages using things like Ajax, Javascript, HTML5 on the client side.  Applications that require a 'server side' that makes use of databases and knows about users and billing and things like complex ordering systems.  Applications that need things like REST-ful APIs.

Why do this?  First we think there is a need.  Our customers ask whether we provide programming services, or if we can refer them to someone who does.

Also, our development team here is getting pretty darn good at quickly building really useful and usable web applications.

So far the 2 Parts Magic team has worked on our own internal ventures:  Pingability website monitoring, Zonomi managed DNS, Bakop's backup service, the email hosting, et al.  Plus our unique InboxHarmony collaborative email client.

We are continuing to develop our own new ventures (we've just started work on a cool new project, stay tuned) and we're constantly improving our current applications.

But now the 2 Parts Magic developers are also available to turn your idea for a new software-as-a-service application into a production ready, highly usable, efficient web app.

Visit to find out how we work and how easy it is to get your idea off the ground.

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One Response to Introducing 2 Parts Magic

  1. Arthur H says:

    It's about time you guys did this. It will allow you to leverage your coding chops into a fantastic service for your customers.