WordPress mass update script 3.3.2

This script will search /var/www (changeable in a variable) for any wordpress installs and make sure its upgraded to the latest version.
It will run a backup to /root/wp_upgrade/ of all files and database before doing anything with the site in case of major catastrophe (make sure you have spare disk space if your sites have a lot of uploaded files).

I have now added putting the site into maintenance mode whilst upgrading. This just involves adding a .maintenance in the document root.

It pays to check each site after the upgrade to make sure plugins all worked (and upgrade plugins before the upgrade works also!)

Let me know if you have any bugs at all, or any problems.

Here’s your script to upgrade them all.

wget http://b.ri.mu/files/wordpress-upgrade.sh
bash wordpress-upgrade.sh

07fb381feaf0d57daeb2b73017d0057d wordpress-upgrade-3.3.2.sh

c5318dd294626ccac3873f62c0e03c3882c27d1d wordpress-upgrade-3.3.2.sh

If you find any bugs or problems, just let me know at liz at rimuhosting dot com. I have now renamed the script to wordpress-upgrade.sh for easy future memorability (using symlinks to link to the latest version)

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