RimuHosting taking over HostingDirect’s VPS operations

RimuHosting is taking over the operation of HostingDirects VPS hosting services.  From Monday June 11 RimuHosting will be hosting the VPSs.  The servers will remain at the HostingDirect data center (where RimuHosting has had a presence since 2009).  RimuHosting will be taking over the billing and customer service for those users.

Other HostingDirect customers (shared hosting, dedicated, colocation services, etc) are not affected by this change.

Ben Simpson, founder and managing director at HostingDirect, says "this transaction lets us focus on our core services, like server co-location.  We have worked closely with RimuHosting over the last 3 years.  They have a solid reputation for customer service and have extensive VPS hosting experience."

Peter Bryant, founder at RimuHosting, says "We are looking forward to hosting these new customers.  And we will be working hard to ensure the changeover is as seamless as possible.  And that going forward we provide them reliable, hassle free hosting backed by our powerful VPS management control panel and brilliant sysadmins."

We will be creating a FAQ with any questions affected users may have.  (Holler here or email us at support at rimuhosting.com with any questions you may have).


Q: Hosting direct doesn't have data caps, has this changed with you guys

A: This has not changed with us.

Q: Will the date of billing cycles remain the same?

A: Most of our customers pay on the first of the month, so I was planning on re-aligning the dates to the first of the month after the end of your current billing cycle. We will be sending out an email about the billing next week.

Q: Will the price change?

A: We have no plans to increase ex-HostingDirect customers' monthly fees.

Q: Will our IP address change?  Or will I have to do anything?

A: We have taken over the management of the IP block associated with the VPSs.  So we do not plan to change the IP address.  Nor do we plan on making any other disruptive changes.  (Only positive improvements!)

The HD logo is trademark of HostingDirect.  HostingDirect have made a co-announcement at https://my.hd.net.nz/announcements/10/Rimu-Hosting-acquires-HDs-VPS-operation.html

About Peter Bryant

Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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6 Responses to RimuHosting taking over HostingDirect’s VPS operations

  1. Ricky says:

    Good! I though it was a spam email sent to me when I receive email from Peter. As I haven't receive any announcement from Hosting Direct but this. Now, it's true and really happened to me.

    I hope that I can get excellent service from new provider~

    BTW: say hello to Liz, I am not sure if you still remember me. In zeald, you told me something about Ubuntu compared to Debian....When I saw your photo in

    http://rimuhosting.com/support/staff.jsp Then I remember you~~~

    I am Ricky.

  2. Peter Bryant says:

    HostingDirect are doing a few changes today and are a bit busy. There will be a co-announce from them shortly. You're being properly cautious until you see that :)

  3. Isn't this the *second* time that RimuHosting "has taken over the VPS business of Hosting Direct"? (My VPS hosting was acquired in the last transfer.)

  4. Peter Bryant says:

    That's correct, Duncan. http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2009/11/06/rimuhosting-takes-over-the-operation-of-hostingdirects-vpss/

    We are working on making the process go as smoothly as possible. How do you feel the migration went for you? Any changes you think we could implement to ease the changeover for those new customers? Any pleasant surprises you had during the process?