Staff Member David Mace is in Hospital, he needs some video get well messages

Some of you may know already, that David Mace is in hospital in a serious way after an aorta rupture. He was taken to the hospital and had several surgeries. Over the past couple of weeks he's been in an induced coma, and there was some uncertainty if he was going to survive. He has started showing improvement now, his blood pressure and pulse are in a good range, they started feeding him through a tube.

Now he is showing some signs of life, and awareness of what is going on around him, his wife has said 'I think he'd appreciate a funny video from all of you guys'

Whilst we want to do a funny amusing video, we do not want it to be too funny, it may hurt him to laugh! So we are going along with some funny/informative videos about our workplace, the people here, and general life. So we made a mildly amusing fun video for him which we are going to send to him, including a tour of office, some silly jokes and the like.

Whilst i was doing it, i was wondering if any of our customers wanted to make a video showing their work place, get well messages, or mildly funny things at all ? If so, just upload to and email the URL to liz at rimuhosting dot com :)
Feel free to have it set to private, ours is, purely because customer details are in the screens in backgrounds, and other personal details we would rather not share may be in it.

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17 Responses to Staff Member David Mace is in Hospital, he needs some video get well messages

  1. Peter West says:


    Who is David Mace?

    • Liz Quilty says:

      He is one of the Staff here, a lot of our customers may have had to deal with him at some point or other :)

  2. We are hoping you get well soon.

  3. All of us here at Archinect are wishing David the quickest and fullest recovery. David has always been very helpful and gracious with us.

  4. Roshan says:

    He is a great guy...responds quite fast to support tickets ;) hope and pray for a fast recovery... To David: I got a lot more tickets for you man...get well soon :)

  5. Ken Bauer says:

    Get well David. I've had quite a few tickets supported by you over the last 5 years or so and hope to see more soon.

  6. We will transfer living strong and positive energy
    to you David: we believe...

  7. Will Roffé says:

    All of us at Adland wish you a very speedy recovery David. We need your kind of awesomeness at Rimu Hosting. Be well. Cheers, Will

  8. Quentin says:

    We all hope you get well soon Dave!

  9. Will K says:


    I wish you a very speedy recovery. You've always been very helpful and gracious with me, one really pushy and cranky customer! So thanks and get well fast.

    -- Will K

  10. Christine Stephens says:

    HI David, Sending you healing energy and get well real soon wishes!

  11. Svyatoslav says:

    I remember David from support. Get well soon, buddy! :) Sorry, no video - my work place is just too messy to show the world :P

  12. Hey David!

    Take it easy. All my positive energy for you. I hope to recover your health as soon as posible.

    Warm regards.

  13. Peter Leong says:

    Ruptured Aorta! That is one of the few body parts I've actually heard of. I hope your back gets better soon.

    Seriously. That puts my atrial fibrillation to shame.

    Get well soon.

  14. Dennis S says:

    Wishing David a speedy and complete recovery!

  15. Peter Bryant says:

    David is making progress. He has been moved out of the hospital into rehab closer to home.