Zonomi DNS TTL improvements

There have been a few updates to the Zonomi service (and RimuHosting’s DNS as well after the next code push there).  These changes have been added to help address improve the service for a few ‘niche/advanced’ users.

Time To Live (TTL) edits

TTL values tell name servers how long they can cache DNS results before they need to re-query for updates.

Longer TTLs can result in faster DNS lookups.  Shorter TTLs enables DNS change updates to propagate faster.

The Zonomi web UI has been updated to enable edits to individual DNS record Time To Live (TTL) values.  Just use the ‘Edit TTL’ link on the records page.

For example customers with Icelandic (.is) domain names will need to set a TTL of 1 day on their name server records to meet the registrar’s requirement.

Zone Configuration (SOA) changes

The SOA record sets the default TTL for a zone (domain).  The SOA page now has an option for you to re-set all DNS records in that zone to the TTL value on the SOA record.  For example you could use that to lower the TTL prior to doing some domain name changes.  Then raise it after those changes are made and you want to speed up DNS lookups.

The SOA record page now also let’s you set a custom hostmaster (the email address for your domain administrator) and primary (the master name server for your domain).

Edits to the SOA record used to be disabled in our http://zonomi.com/app/dns/dyndns.jsp API.  That has been changed and you are now able to edit them with the API.

2 responses to “Zonomi DNS TTL improvements”

  1. Zonomi appear to have gone, along with all their other services.

    Lesson learned: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!