Brute force SSH protection

2231021824_6ce69c077d_zWe have implemented some brute force SSH attack protection on VMs.

Your servers should start to receive fewer connections from bots trying to bruteforce crack passwords on your server user accounts.

Behind the scenes we have setup honey trap servers.  Botnets with no good reason to connect to these servers attempt to connect to the servers and brute force passwords there.  We monitor these failed attempts.  And then block those IPs on our VM host firewalls.  You do not need to configure anything on your VM.

The upshot is should be fewer SSH brute force attacks on servers.  Improving your server security, and lowering load on hosts.

On a not unrelated note: please use good strong passwords.  Particularly on important accounts.  $commonword with a number on the end is no longer sufficient.

Image Credit: Dino Giordano

3 responses to “Brute force SSH protection”

  1. That’s great. Thanks for proactively keeping your customers protected. It’s the little things that count and why I keep being a RimuHosting customer.