Letting 3rd parties update credit card details

3714941137_cebcdcac56_mSome of our customers pay for their servers using a 3rd party's credit card (their boss', partner's or a generous friend's).

Every now and then those details need to get updated (new CC expiry dates, or a replacement card).


You can now let 3rd parties set their credit card details on our site without having to get them a login to the RimuHosting control panel.  And without them having to give you their credit card details.

The 3rd party credit credit card link is on each credit card billing details page.  It only works for that specific page, not other pages/cards.  It is only valid for a fixed time (currently 48 hours).  To use it simply copy and paste the link to the cardholder so they can update or set the credit card details.

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