Wireguard VPN setup

Wireguard is an modern, easy to setup, VPN. It has clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, and other OSes. In this post we are following the guide at https://serversideup.net/how-to-set-up-wireguard-vpn-server-on-ubuntu-20-04/ First, Order a VM. This will be the 'server' for the VPN. You don't need a lot of memory or disk to run a VPN… Continue reading Wireguard VPN setup

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PolicyKit security hole

A security problem was recently announced that affects the linux distributions that we support. This is being called "PwnKit" (a.k.a. CVE-2021-4034). Most distributions have provided updates, so now is a good time to check and load outstanding OS security updates for your VPS, using apt for Debian and Ubuntu and yum for CentOS 7 and… Continue reading PolicyKit security hole

CentOS Stream, RockyLinux and Alma Linux

Recently CentOS8 reached its supported end-of-life for security updates. For a number of reasons there will effectively be no more stable releases of CentOS 8 or later. Instead developers are being encouraged to look at CentOS Stream as a future proof option for elX based platforms. This is quite similar to how Gentoo and more… Continue reading CentOS Stream, RockyLinux and Alma Linux