Tag: automated

  • SSH keys on new servers

    You can now set your public ssh key(s) at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/sshkeys.jsp .  These keys will automatically be added to new server setups.  And the keys can be used when you enable a server’s console-over-vps feature. SSH keys are great when you want to avoid re-entering passwords every time you log into a server.  The Ubuntu team […]

  • WordPress & WordPress MU mass upgrade script 3.0

    Sorry for the slower than usual update this time. I was rather busy/sidetracked and left it for a day or two before doing it. Since it wasn’t a exploit fix release i figured it wasn’t a major. Anyway, here goes the new wordpress mass upgrade script. I no longer have a wordpress MU available to […]

  • Quick and Easy Automatic Backup Script

    At Rimuhosting we do a weekly snapshot backup of your VPS. This means that if anything goes wrong you can revert to the previous image. However since its weekly, not daily, you may find you have lost the data between those dates. This is a backup script that will backup your database and required files […]