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  • Cloudkick add RimuHosting as a provider

    Cloudkick have just added support for RimuHosting as a provider. Cloudkick help you mange and monitor your ‘cloud’ servers.  They use provider APIs (like the RimuHosting server management API) to keep track of your cloud server list.  Offer tools like reboots, ssh consoles, and – importantly – monitoring. Here is a quick tour. First up, […]

  • Using the RimuHosting API to integrate with Server Density

    A few weeks back we released our RimuHosting server management API (which lets users programmatically do things like setup new servers, shut them down, resize their memory or disk and reboot them). Ivan here has been busy integrating our API into a few third party ‘cloud computing’ APIs.  Like libcloud, jclouds and deltacloud. The third […]

  • Using libcloud with RimuHosting

    Libcloud.org has merged our RimuHosting driver into their Python library.  All of our api functionality isn’t included in that driver, but there are a number of handy things that you can do via just a smattering of python code.  I’m going to write a few articles on this topic to demonstrate some of the cool […]

  • Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

    Announcing the RimuHosting API The RimuHosting API is an programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host server load stats, reboot servers, and most other actions that until now you could only […]