Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

Announcing the RimuHosting API

The RimuHosting API is an programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host server load stats, reboot servers, and most other actions that until now you could only perform through the RimuHosting control panel.

To use the API, you must have a RimuHosting account.


We plan on making some changes to the API keys we use

Once the API stabilizes we'll be looking at setting up some bindings for (insert favorite language here... python? Java? php? perl?)

We will be considering feedback from users of the API. We are in 'API writing mode' and will consider any functionality requests favorably. And we are always keen to see people doing interesting things using the API (phone apps, control panels, data transfer usage alerting, monitoring, ...)

About Peter Bryant

Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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2 Responses to Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

  1. glenn says:

    This is pretty exciting stuff guys, nice work getting it out.

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