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Finding Exploits and Trojan php hacks on a website

Its always unfortunate when you are exploited, and the best method to fix a site is to wipe and restore from a known backup as well as track down the entry point they gained access and fix it. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Rimuhosting does LCA2010

A couple of the die hard Linux fanatics here at Rimuhosting decided to bribe the boss into letting us go to Linux.conf.au this year, and in fact even managed to get him to become a little blue penguin sponsor. Luckily … Continue reading

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Using libcloud with RimuHosting

Libcloud.org has merged our RimuHosting driver into their Python library.  All of our api functionality isn't included in that driver, but there are a number of handy things that you can do via just a smattering of python code.  I'm … Continue reading

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Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

Announcing the RimuHosting API The RimuHosting API is an programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host … Continue reading

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