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  • RimuHosting turns on redundant PSU and redundant power feed options

    We are happy to announce that we now able to offer dedicated servers with redundant power supplies as well as servers on redundant (A+B) power feeds. The redundant power supply means that your server gets two power connections.  Each drawing about 50% of the servers power.  If one PSU fails then the other takes over.

  • Sandy Bridge servers in stock; get one quick

    Remember back a couple of years and Pentium 4 CPUs were nearly hitting 4Ghz?  Then along came the new Core 2 Duos and we were back to a mere 2Ghz (albeit with these new ‘cores’). Intel has been pushing performance via efficiency (e.g. multiple cores) not brute Ghz.  But that has always hampered ‘straight-line’ performance.…