RimuHosting turns on redundant PSU and redundant power feed options

We are happy to announce that we now able to offer dedicated servers with redundant power supplies as well as servers on redundant (A+B) power feeds.

The redundant power supply means that your server gets two power connections.  Each drawing about 50% of the servers power.  If one PSU fails then the other takes over.

The redundant power feed means that the each PSU is connected to a separate power source.  In Dallas they operate an A+B power system.  Where there is no shared power infrastructure (separate ATS, generators, fuses, etc).  So in the event that one power feed should ever fail (e.g. due to a systemwide failure, or to something like a tripped fuse on a power strip) then your server has access to the other power feed.

The Dallas servers that are available with a redundant power supply and redundant power feeds are:

The Dallas data center have posted a page describing their A+B power setup.

If you currently have a Dallas-based dedicated server then we are always able to move your drives to a different chassis (and retain IP addresses).

In Brisbane we can provide the Enterprise Xeon (1 or 2 x E5620 CPU) with a redundant power supply also on an A+B power feeds (i.e. separate and independent power feeds).

If you wanted one of these servers, please just pop in an order.  Or if you had any questions just holler here, pop in a support ticket or email, or hit us up on live chat.

2 responses to “RimuHosting turns on redundant PSU and redundant power feed options”

  1. Do have plans to offer redundancy options for VPS as well? Such as redundant power for shared servers or fast VM migration, etc …

  2. Most of the shared hosts we’ve purchased for Dallas over the last couple of years have had redundant power supplies and we have been using them. We’re rolling out A+B power feeds to more cabinets. And we’ll be using those as well.

    Our VPS migration tools are also frequently used. Whether it is from host-to-host within a data center or between continents.