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  • Plesk 10 – redirect problem

    We have a few people using Plesk 10, and there has been one notable bug with new installs and upgrades. Plesk has decided to redirect after the login to the server https://hostname:11444/relay Whilst this is fine if your hostname is a valid domain name that points to your server, this can be problematic for new […]

  • Its the small things that help

    We have some users who own VPS who dont want to fork out for automated systems like Plesk or Virtualmin, but dont really want to deal with adding domains and email addresses all the time (and sometimes get lost) I decided today after one such user emailed us to add another 3 domains and bunch […]

  • Remember to Check Domain Expiration Dates

    Today’s post isn’t anything technical; it’s somewhat of a public service announcement instead. Your domain registrar likely emails you when your domain is nearing the end of its life (at least the end of its life in your possession). What if that email is caught in your spam filter or goes to a non-existent address? […]