Remember to Check Domain Expiration Dates

Today’s post isn’t anything technical; it’s somewhat of a public service announcement instead.

Your domain registrar likely emails you when your domain is nearing the end of its life (at least the end of its life in your possession). What if that email is caught in your spam filter or goes to a non-existent address? Well hopefully you keep tabs on your domains enough so that this doesn’t matter, but accidents do happen.

A customer went to visit a site they run the other day only to have a link farm come up in its place. Ouch! That prompted me to just jot down this little reminder for everybody to be sure they’re keeping watch over their digital assets so this doesn’t happen to you. :)

You don’t need to login to your registrar’s control panel to get this information. You can get this from the whois information. Just type:


You’ll find everything you need to know right there in one place.

3 responses to “Remember to Check Domain Expiration Dates”

  1. Hey guys :-)

    What if Rimuhosting added a feature to its DNS control panel to allow users to be notified when their domain is about to be expired?

    I realize RH is not a registrar so this would be slightly unusual. Nevertheless, it would be a really nice thing to have.

    One sample tool that allows programatic WHOIS data extraction:

    – Yves

  2. Not entirely a bad idea, though usually the registrar does this automatically for you or auto-renews. It would be a great idea for the new cool DNS service we are releasing soon :)

  3. Hi Ed, thanks for the plug in. I am obtaining the next error message when I consider to upload a
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