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Debian Stretch and old installs

We have had Debian 9 images available since shortly after it became available. But missed announcing it. So here it is, Debian 9 is code named "Stretch" and is available as a setup option on all our plans. As with … Continue reading

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Finding Exploits and Trojan php hacks on a website

Its always unfortunate when you are exploited, and the best method to fix a site is to wipe and restore from a known backup as well as track down the entry point they gained access and fix it. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Finding spam sending PHP scripts on your server

Everyone has the occasional user who may leave something on their server that may send spam, or not update things as fast as they should. Tracking down the spammer can be a real problem though. Sometimes you can track down … Continue reading

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PHP 5.2 on Centos upgrade

Many of our customers request upgrading php to the latest stable version. Unfortunately CentOS does not have anything beyond 5.1.* in the official repository. We used to setup the remi repository as per http://rimuhosting.com/howto/php.jsp However, Remi moved on to the … Continue reading

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Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

Announcing the RimuHosting API The RimuHosting API is an programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host … Continue reading

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Unsure who is sending spam? Try this

Anyone who has hosted peoples websites before, has had  either a blog hacked, or some guy thinking he is going to send mass mailouts using PHP or similar happen. Its extremely hard to trackdown and deal with, and yet it … Continue reading

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