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  • Keeping your hosting panel updated

    From time to time hosting control panels (Such as Plesk) get updated by their creators. Those updates may often include patches to critical vulnerabilities, so its a good idea to keep track of those. We try to keep our customers informed. One example is a recent notification from Parallels affecting some older versions of Plesk. […]

  • Plesk updates and server security

    Recently we were advised of a significant vulnerability in all older versions of the Plesk Panel. If you have not done so recently, we strongly recommend you schedule some time to update. Extended details about that are available. You can follow their instructions to update your Plesk instance.  Or please just pop in a support […]

  • Plesk 10 – redirect problem

    We have a few people using Plesk 10, and there has been one notable bug with new installs and upgrades. Plesk has decided to redirect after the login to the server https://hostname:11444/relay Whilst this is fine if your hostname is a valid domain name that points to your server, this can be problematic for new […]

  • Updating old installs – Plesk – and other nasty issues

    When choosing a VPS often people go with the distro that suits them best, usually one they find easy to manage. Whilst this is fine, you also need to remember that at some stage in the future you will need to reinstall or upgrade. Debian/Ubuntu based distros seem to scale and upgrade versions fine with […]