SSH keys on new servers

You can now set your public ssh key(s) at .  These keys will automatically be added to new server setups.  And the keys can be used when you enable a server's console-over-vps feature. SSH keys are great when you want to avoid re-entering passwords every time you log into a server.  The Ubuntu team… Continue reading SSH keys on new servers

SSD-backed VPS hosts

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of SSD-backed VPS hosts. These servers run the VPS images on a RAID array of SSDs. The SSDs increase the disk IO throughput and decrease disk IO latency (particularly on 'random access' activities, like database inserts/queries). You can order a new VPS (just select the SSD option… Continue reading SSD-backed VPS hosts

Monitoring your server

Its always a good option to have monitoring, and there are a lot of options available. If you are interested in uptime and notifications, you can use a service like If you are interested in making sure services are up and running, and have more time to spare there are a lot of amazing… Continue reading Monitoring your server

Using swap within a VPS

In a virtual environment, disk io can be about the most expensive operation there is. And swap (virtual memory) depends on that heavily. By default we configure a small swap partition for each VPS server so conditions where memory is exhausted can be detected more consistently,

WordPress mass update script 3.05

From the guys at wordpress We've fixed a pretty critical vulnerability in WordPress' core HTML sanitation library, and because this library is used lots of places it's important that everyone update as soon as possible. I realize an update during the holidays is no fun, but this one is worth putting down the eggnog for.… Continue reading WordPress mass update script 3.05

Data transfer reporting page (new RimuHosting control panel feature)

We have added a new data transfer reporting page.  It show data transfer usage for each server for the last 50-odd days.  With a summary for this and last month. At the moment this page only shows useful information for your Dallas-based VPS and dedicated servers.  Our networking setup in Dallas permits us to watch… Continue reading Data transfer reporting page (new RimuHosting control panel feature)

Introducing Launchtime tailored pricing plans

RimuHosting is proud to introduce the Launchtime tailored pricing algorithm.  This algorithm is an alternative to 'fixed' pricing plans.  And it will be a key tool for us to provide more affordable, fairer and more flexible pricing. Traditional hosting 'fixed' pricing plans offer a set of plans to choose from.  Sometimes (but not always) with… Continue reading Introducing Launchtime tailored pricing plans

Resolving ‘My website is slow’.

We recently had a customer whose website was taking a long time to load. When we checked it was loading fine.  And we could not really find any issue with load on the server. Then we used the excellent firebug plugin for firefox to check what elements (css, js, imgs) the site was loading.  And… Continue reading Resolving ‘My website is slow’.