Run your own VPS backups

We have just added a VPS snapshot/backup page to the RimuHosting control panel.

By default for each VPS we run a weekly backup.  This creates a snapshot of your VPS disk image.  Which you can then restore to (e.g. to revert to an earlier time) or mount along with your current file system (e.g. to restore selected files).

Often our customers will need a backup prior to doing something like a major upgrade or complex install.  'Just in case' things go wrong.  Our support staff have always been able to manually run a backup on request.  The new backup page now puts that power in the hands of our customers.

This page is in addition to the regular backups we will still run by default.  It just lets you control the timing of your most recent backup.

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5 Responses to Run your own VPS backups

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  2. Jaime says:

    I really thought rimu allready had this, but its indeed very hand. :)

    ps: i need to play with virtualmin vhost backup when i get some spare time.

  3. Peter Bryant says:

    We _do_ automatically run snapshots on a regular basis. This functionality gives you, the user, the ability to make a snapshot that overwrites the most recent backup we took. e.g. just prior to running a dist-upgrade. Or 'messing about' with something.

  4. MrOdysseus says:

    Excellent! Thank you!

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