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  • The Great T-Shirt Swap – Instructables

    Well, we got the first shirts in the door today, thanks to our great friends over at http://instructables.com Here is a picture of a few of the office staff (not all of them) located in Cambridge wearing them.

  • T-shirt swap

    There is only one thing cooler than a cool customer.  Its a cool customer with their own website on their tshirt.  We’d love to wear one.  So if you have one we’ll swap you one of yours for one of ours (http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2012/02/21/bare-elbows/). Contact us at support to arrange the exchange!  To get our T-shirt you…

  • T-shirts are a coming…

    T-shirts are great.  They cover a good part of your torso.  But not the arms.  So your elbows get to breathe. We think it is so important for your bare elbows to touch your desk while you’re admin-ing your server that we’d like to give a few of our most precious customers a free t-shirt.