T-shirts are a coming…

T-shirts are great.  They cover a good part of your torso.  But not the arms.  So your elbows get to breathe.

We think it is so important for your bare elbows to touch your desk while you're admin-ing your server that we'd like to give a few of our most precious customers a free t-shirt.

The fine print (why oh why is there always fine print!!!)

  • We will do this for the first 5 people that comment here in this post.  Reserve your spot now.
  • After you get the t-shirt send us a pic of you in it.
  • We'll pop a USD 25 credit on your account.  Or maybe more if its a cool photo that makes us laugh or smile.

The shirts are at http://www.cafepress.com/rimuhosting

About Peter Bryant

Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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29 Responses to T-shirts are a coming…

  1. Jono Hale says:

    Oh those look pretty sweet! ;)

  2. Jim Cheetham says:

    Ooh, a free T-shirt from my favourite NZ hosting company :-) What could go wrong?

  3. Ed Linklater says:

    Oh goody! I love free stuff!

  4. t-shirt please! :) Cool design.

  5. Anthony says:

    Been a RimuHosting customer for almost 5 years. Couldn't be happier!

  6. David Emmett says:

    In my day job as a motorcycle racing journo, I love geeking out in geek t-shirts. Might as well support my hosting company while I'm at it!

  7. Peter Bryant says:

    This time around its just for current customers (since I have to add a credit to your account). But: we might give out a few more than 5. So if you want one, just add your name to the list.

  8. Josh McArthur says:

    Great NZ shirts from a great NZ company!
    As the guy who makes the boss choose Rimuhost VPSs', I'm keen for a shirt!

    p.s. Also great to see such a techie company being run from my hometown!

  9. Chris Samuel says:

    Bad timing on my part, nipped out for a kebab for lunch and came back to find I'd missed this! D'oh! :-)

    Nice idea though Peter.

  10. Peter Bryant says:

    Keep the comments coming. We'll see what we can do. If you're in NZ let me know a t-shirt size and if your mailing address differs from what we have in our system (might source a few locally).

  11. Andrew Pam says:

    I've been a happy Rimuhosting customer for a while, and I would be happy to add a Rimuhosting T-shirt to my collection and wear it with pride as part of the regular rotation.

  12. Those look pretty sweet. I'll take one.

  13. I hope a few more are added because I'd love one :D

  14. Steve says:

    Me! I promise never to wash it to keep that original Rimu "ambiance"

  15. David says:

    Here's hoping that you add a couple more - and that Canada's not too far to ship one!

  16. Howie says:

    DANGIT time zone causing me to be slow. I think that 5 should be 15 :)

  17. Adrian Parker says:

    If the shirts are as hardworking as the hosts, I'll be wearing it in 20 years.

  18. Great hosting and tshirts? I think I love you.

  19. Sam Anderson says:

    WOOP WOOP - they are looking good. Yes please !

  20. Peter Bryant says:

    All right. So here we have it.

    Everyone up above me gets something.

    Reminder that the arrangement is that you order the shirt from CafePress (so you get the style, size, color, shipping all OK). Then you email support a cool photo (which we may show off!) of you in it. Remind them this post's URL. And we'll go pop the credit on your hosting account. So (by implication) you need to be a current customer for this offer to be of any use.

    I've expanded the original 5 who will get a $25 credit to 10:

    Jono, Jim (I see you've ordered yours already!), Ed, Jason, Anthony, David Emmett, Josh, Chris, Andrew $25

    And everyone else who were sleeping or out at lunch when this was posted and were slow to respond can get a fiddly $20 credit if they want to go get a shirt:

    Mitchell, Holland, Steve, David (Canada), Howie, Adrian, Charles, Sam, HostingDirect (per twitter) $20

  21. Peter Adamek says:

    Love the t-shirt startups start here!!! It is just perfect. And I am not saying that to get anything for free. :o)

  22. Howie says:


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  24. Chris Samuel says:

    Thanks Peter - order now in. Sorry for the delay, we had a close encounter of the arboreal kind.. :-/


    Fortunately all OK!

  25. Jim Cheetham says:

    OK guys, here you go ... action shot time ...



  26. Peter Bryant says:

    Chris, we have trees around our place, too. Fingers crossed when the wind comes...

    Jim: you know how to make a T-shirt look good! Red's a popular color (David Mace here at work got the same shirt). How's the t-shirt material and print quality? (And you have a credit on your account now for it).

  27. Jim Cheetham says:

    Print quality is fine, from close-up (and upside down, because I'm wearing it right now) you can tell what "my name is" says, even though some of the letters are indistinct.

    The material is a bit stiff, even though it's been washed once already. But it's bright and comfortable even though I ordered the slightly aspirational Medium ... :-)

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