We’re a Team

We see lots of different problems every day as Liz noted the other day.  It’s really quite varied work that we do and you can go from resetting a password one minute to setting up load balanced proxy servers the next.  There’s always a fun and challenging problem right around the corner.

The most important thing, for us, is delighting customers and showing them we care about their issues and we’re here to help whenever trouble strikes.

How do we do that?

Simple, we’re a team of professionals with varied backgrounds.  There is a good deal of middle ground between all of us of course (remember, we see lots of similar problems day-in day-out), but there’s usually 1-3 of us that are really keen on any particular topic.

This explains why you may see a delay with a given issue that you’ve submitted.  If I think the problem warrants somebody else, I’ll let that stay into our queue or I’ll annotate that message to someone’s attention so that they go look at it.  If it’s urgent, I’ll dig in and get after it myself.

I think that’s what makes us a great team; we’re all good at ‘our own thing’.  As a result, we can tackle just about any problem you can throw at us and that’s a great thing to have on your side when you’re trying to keep your service up and running against the brutality of the open web.

I came across a good article over at linux-mag describing a good sysadmin team and it got me thinking about all of us here at RimuHosting.


We don’t have anybody that “used to raid drug boats for the United States Coast Guard”, but give us a call if Apache is giving you grief.  We can handle that.