Pacman Cookies at

Last night i spent a while making Pacman cookies, i brought them into the office today.

The idea originated from when i was making Xmas Mince pies, i cut the circle then cut a V out so i wouldn't have leftover dough. Since i was doing a cookie swap at the time i made a quick mock up with the Pie Dough which my kids loved.

I gathered my cookie mixture together in the following few days, and did some research (clearly not enough, i almost only made 3 Ghosts when there are 4!), then sat down one night to make the cookies.

I took photos of the process for you to have a giggle. Apologies for the poor photo quality, It was night from 9pm-1am , i don't have a decent flash unit etc. I made 3 sets, one for each of the people in the cookie swap, and one as a spare in case things went wrong which i took to work.

After wiping the conference room table, i placed the cookies out in a pattern, everyone loved it and wanted to eat it,. John grabbed a Ghost immediately, and then there was talk about 'you cant eat the ghost until you get a powerup! and you need Pacman to eat his way along the line to get to those!.

So for the rest of the day everyone would eat a small cookie, and move Pacman along a pace whilst making the 'waga waga' noise. Slowly they all disappeared.

You can find the full photo set here

Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies

Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies Pacman Cookies

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4 Responses to Pacman Cookies at

  1. peter says:

    There is a flaw in your program, after we'd eaten the last dot the screen did not refresh with a whole new batch of cookies :(

  2. Liz Quilty says:

    Oh no, it does happen, its just an extremely slow processor. That's why it takes all day to do one level/screen

  3. davidmace says:

    What happens when you reach the split-screen level? Have fun making these cookies:

  4. Liz Quilty says:

    Nah i think ill do checkers, when you take the other persons pieces you can eat them!
    Food with rules, how excellent! those that are good players can eat lots!