Keeping things going over the holiday season

Well its that time of year again, and you do NOT want to be dealing with broken servers over Xmas. Heres a few tips to make sure things stay honkey dory over the Xmas period.

Upgrades: Dont upgrade anything, do not do a new release, do  not change anything at all. Sometimes even something that's simple  and could take down a website or server, or even just something as simple as an email address could cause havoc.

Billing: Check that you have enough money in the bank and automatic payments are setup. Make sure your bills are all up to date on both servers, and domain names and any other support services you pay for that relate to the server.

Backups: Make sure you have off site backups! we do a weekly image of your disk but you never know when total disaster may strike, so it always pays to have proper backups. ( This guy was lucky to get his data back, but it was still stressful and time consuming im sure! )

Ex-Employees: Make sure you disable any old users or employees that may have left. With the recent recession there is no doubt there will be a few disgruntled ex employees at Christmas. The last thing you need is one of them logging in and causing havoc. If in doubt change their password.

Security: Do a full check of your server, and most importantly any websites you host for holes or exploits. Nothing sucks more than having to reinstall your server because it got hacked, or somebody was using it to spam. Even on a minor scale where it was used to nasty things and gets black listed by somebody its a major headache you dont need.


Should things go wrong, we are still going to be answering the support queue 24/7 as always, however it may take slightly longer to respond in between eggnog and turkey!

The guys (and gal) at Rimuhosting, wish you a relaxed and fun holiday season

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One Response to Keeping things going over the holiday season

  1. Steven Benitez says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the entire Rimuhosting staff. Remember to backup all of your presents! ;)