London special, two months free hosting!

** Update: this offer is officially closed. If you are looking for cheap dedicated server options ask us about our Dallas based Core2Duo plans.
We recently had a few unusual servers released to us. These powerful chassis are in an interesting fixed configuration, with 2xDual quad core E5410 Xeon CPUs, 24G RAM, and with 2x750G SATA drives. Rather than let them gather dust, we thought we would offer a couple of them to customers who would like a decently spec'd dedicated server all to themselves for a sharp price.

In addition the first two months hosting on these is free!

We can set those up as your own host servers, as described at "About VPSs" or if you prefer as 'bare-metal' servers. By default we would provision them as a host server for a single VPS.  This one time special is described below.


  • host630a - 2xE5410 (8 cores)/24G RAM/2x750G drives - 99.00 GBP setup and 180.00 GBP/month

Upgrade options available...

  • [+7 GBP setup, +3.50 monthly] OR [+30 GBP setup, +20 monthly]
  • Private Network connections are +85.00 GBP/setup, +7.00 GBP/month

The fine print....

  • Sorry no buydowns on these servers.
  • Servers are provisioned on a fixed hardware configuration, no upgrades are available.
  • First come first served. Each of these servers is a one-off. We will try to keep this post updated as servers are grabbed by others.
  • These deals are provided on a first-in first-serve basis and subject to availability are valid till the end of February 2011.
  • All servers (except where noted otherwise) have two (2) drive bays supporting SATA disks.
  • Subtract about 512MB from the server memory size for hostserver installation (this will be reserved by the VPS hypervisor).
  • We will bill any setup and the first month's fee.  The second and third month will be at no cost.

If you'd like to upgrade just pop in a support ticket and let us know which server you wanted to have, along with a reference to this page and any other setup details we need to know.
Note: All these servers are at our London datacenter.

About Glenn Enright

Linux Systems Administrator at I focus mainly on dedicated server provisioning with a sprinkling of network administration.
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