Previewing managed email hosting service

Mail server issues are one of the most frequent mail server requests we get here at RimuHosting.  Troubleshooting existing configurations.  Setting up 'basic' mail servers for customers.  Setting up fancy 'do everything' mail servers for customers.  Answering queries about why 'x' is flagged as SPAM (or not).  Advising on things like SPF and DKIM.  Blacklists and whitelists.  Automated SPAM  filtering.  The list goes on.  (And on.)

We are in the business of taking the hassle out of running your website.  So it makes sense that we try to help solve all these hassles with email servers for our customers.

One way we can do that is to provide a hosted/managed email service.

So we are in the process of getting 25 Mail St ( up and running.

25 Mail St will be a best of breed email hosting stack.  Assembled out of the mail service tools that we work with day in and day out.  Including Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin, PostfixAdmin and a few more.  And carefully fed and watered by the great crew of Sysadmins here at RimuHosting.

Our 25 Mail St customers then get control over their own email domain.  They can setup multiple users.  And map their various email addresses to the right mailboxes.

We're targeting 25 Mail St at our customers who are getting a bit 'over' the hassle of running their own mail servers and want to switch to a managed service.

We're also hoping that some customers will trade up from their free email addresses (like to a better looking email address on a domain they own.  Having your own email domain can make a much better impression on resumes, business cards and website email links.

If 25 Mail St sounds like it could relieve some email stress in your life, I'd invite you to pop over and sign up.  We are now open for a few beta guinea pigs wanting to try it out on a test domain or two.

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9 Responses to Previewing managed email hosting service

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  2. mattias says:

    Can I have a dedicated IP number for my ?

  3. Peter Bryant says:

    I'm sure we can work something out. Pop us an email with details/reasons and we can see the best way to help.

  4. christefano says:

    Does the customer get to choose the datacenter where the mail is hosted?

  5. Peter Bryant says:

    Yep. You can host in any data center you like. Provided it is Dallas. At a later date we'll likely offer more locations.

  6. Geoff says:

    I have email setup on my VPS using postfix and dovecot. I have a master domain and several alias domains.
    How do I go about moving all my email configuration, and mailboxes to 25 Mail St?
    How much would it cost?
    Also it would be nice to have once invoice for both VPS and mail.

    • Liz Quilty says:

      Heya, you would need to add the domain to , then add each email address individually for now.

  7. Can we choose a datacenter out of Dallas?

  8. Peter Bryant says:

    During this phase we're offering email hosting out of Dallas. A future phase may include hosting from one of the other data centers we use.