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Atlassian JiraRecently I posted about a script to install Confluence. At the same time I was working on an install script for the Jira® issue tracker (also from Atlassian®) as the underlying setup is quite similar and they are often used together.

Jira is great for keep track of issues while providing a lot of tools to integrate social activities and media. The Jira site says...

"Combining a clean, fast interface for capturing and organising issues with customisable workflows, OpenSocial dashboards and a pluggable integration framework, JIRA is the perfect fit at the centre of your development team."

You can play about with a demo of Jira to see if it is right for you at (Jira Demo)

The installer script is available from our repository for general use now. Or it can be directly downloaded.

I've tested it on all the install options we offer, but if you see any bugs please do let us know. By default the scripts will also insure a recent version of Java and MySQL are both setup ready for use with the software.

root@test:~# bash installjira.sh --help
Copyright RimuHosting.com
Pre-installs and secures the Jira issue tracker packages provided by Atlasian
Usage: installjira.sh [--help] | [--user ] [--appname ]
] [--datadir ] [--portprefix ] [--runonstartup]
[--nojava] [--nomysql|[--dbname ] [--dbuser ] ]
[--noprompt] [--debug]
Option:         Description:
--dbname        optional name of jira mysql database (default is )
--dbuser        optional name of jira mysql user (default is )
--dbpass        optional password for jira database (default is randomised)
--datadir       absolute folder location for data files (default is /usr/local/jira-data)
--debug         enables debugging output to /root/cms_install.log
--installtarget top level location to install files (default is /usr/local/jira)
--noprompt      run script without user interaction (not yet implemented)
--nojava        dont install java
--nomysql       dont install/setup mysql
--portprefix    initial three digit network port (default is 100 eg for http on 10080)
--runonstartup  set jira to run on server boot (not enabled by default)
--user          user (and group) service will run as (default is jira)

The database setup for Jira is more manual than the Confluence one, but the great thing here is it means we do that for you in the script! So expect MySQL integration (recommended) to just work, unless you explicitly disable that.

Jira web-based install wizard

Jira web-based install wizard

Go to the URL shown. You should see something similar to what is shown in the Jira documentation. You will need to grab an appropriate license key from Atlassian using the link on your setup page. Add that in. Then follow your nose from there.


Next steps...

  • refer to the administrator documentation which has a complete rundown on options and setup. Jira is quite powerful if you drill down into the options. Its easy to spend a lot of time tweaking things to get it just right, but more than with Confluence, it is well worth the time spent.
  • consider having your Jira site running on a normal URL, without the port number showing. Thats easy enough to do using mod_proxy and Apache, or you can pop in a support ticket for us to set that up for you.

One thing to keep in mind, most Atlassian products are pretty memory hungry, so make sure your server has a fair amount of spare RAM. On the upside even our basic new plans offer a good starting point.

Jira and the Jira logos are trademarks of Atlassian (http://www.atlassian.com/about/privacy.jsp#trademark)

About Glenn Enright

Linux Systems Administrator at RimuHosting.com. I focus mainly on dedicated server provisioning with a sprinkling of network administration.
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5 Responses to Jira Issue Tracker install script

  1. Peter Bryant says:

    Atlassian are a cool company. And coming from the west island they are almost Kiwi's, too. http://www.startupsmart.com.au/sales-and-marketing/marketing/2011-05-06/success-on-a-shoestring.html

  2. Bethany says:

    Atlassian has been in the news a lot lately, nice developments overall.

  3. Arnaud says:


    I'm looking for a web hosting that supports the running of a Java based web-application (JIRA) connected to MySQL.
    Do you servers support that? Do they provide good performance for a such application?

    Thank you for the information,


    • Liz Quilty says:

      Heya, We provide servers, and those servers will indeed be able to host java and mysql applications. We are happy to help you set those up and get them going. If you are unsure on how to run a server at all it may be in your best interest to install a web based panel like Plesk or Virtualmin or similar to manage that.

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