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  • JBoss AS 7.1 install script

    JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is an open-source Java EE-based application server. It has been optimized for multiples cores, it has a very fast startup time and a great low memory consumption. We have created a new version of the jboss install script. Jboss 7 changed a lot the way it is configured, that […]

  • Jira Issue Tracker install script

    Recently I posted about a script to install Confluence. At the same time I was working on an install script for the Jira® issue tracker (also from Atlassian®) as the underlying setup is quite similar and they are often used together. Jira is great for keep track of issues while providing a lot of tools […]

  • Confluence Wiki install script

    Quite often lately we have been asked to set up a Java based wiki, or customers have asked specifically for Confluence® (made by Atlassian® ) by name. Confluence is a powerful and sometimes complex piece of software, so to make the setup for that easier I created an install script. In a very short time […]

  • Tomcat 7 released, installer updated

    Tomcat is one the most popular Java servlet/JSP containers. Tomcat 6 has been out since 2006 and the Tomcat team has just announced the first stable release of Tomcat 7. At the time of writing version 7.06 is the latest stable release. Tomcat 7 implements the Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and EL 2.2 specifications. Along […]

  • Setting up Monit + with tomcat

    We get asked a lot by customers to install and setup monit. Its not an overly hard task, in fact its pretty darned easy. Monit is brilliant for monitoring and restarting services when they are down, it can alert you or just restart after 5 failed connects/attempts. It handles everything from disk space, to memory, […]

  • Glassfish Installation Script

    We do a lot of Java hosting for our customers. As with any technology, there are a lot of different deployment scenarios to choose from. With Java we tend to see mostly Tomcat hosting because most folks don’t require a full fledged application server (and the associated memory costs that come along with it). JBoss […]

  • Announcing the RimuHosting REST-ful API

    Announcing the RimuHosting API The RimuHosting API is an programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host server load stats, reboot servers, and most other actions that until now you could only […]

  • One Java init script to rule them all

    Need an init script for a Java service? Like tomcat, liferay, or jboss? Regular Linux init scripts often don’t work so well. e.g. Java apps typically want to be run by a particular user (e.g. tomcat or liferay). e.g. They may require a ‘special’ shutdown mechanism (e.g. with Tomcat sending a signal to a particular port). So over the years I have had a handy-dandy script that can control most of my most commonly used Java apps (liferay, tomcat, jboss). It does things like start up the app as a particular user. Checks to ensure the app is responding on a URL before saying it is stared. Waits for the app to shutdown gracefully, else forces it to quit. And provides kill and killstart commands when you’re developing and just want the thing restarted! This morning I updated it to use the lsb logging methods. So the output is a bit prettier than the ‘old’ echo’s we used to use. The current version of the file will live at http://proj.ri.mu/javainitscript To use it wget that to the /etc/init.d directory on your server. Then rename (or symlink) it to the service you want to control. Currently the tomcat, liferay and jboss names are supported. Some excerpts from the script follow…