Month: August 2011

  • Why is your server sending spam? why does it keep crashing with high load?

    We get asked these questions regularly, and 9 out of 10 times it may be because your server may have been hacked, either on a user level, web application, or more. Here are some ways to quickly check for the most common things we see , and some of the processes we go through to…

  • Could not perform immediate configuration on already unpacked ‘util-linux’.Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details

    Today we had a customer who had somehow broken his apt package manager doing an upgrade from the looks. I googled and found the same error in many places, most resorting to reinstalling or purging the package to clear it, or reinstall. The error looked like this

  • Hurricane Irene approaching New York

    As you may be aware there is a hurricane approaching New York. We have posted an operations notice Now may be a good time for customers (especially NY-based ones) to take a moment to check their backup and recovery procedures.  And ensure you are well prepared for any resulting incidents. Things to consider: Always know…

  • Apache exploit may crash your server – heres how to fix it

    We have picked up that there was an exploit in Apache which can result in your server running out of memory. the discovery was noticed quiet some time ago, but never fixed, and it seems to have reared its head publicly resulting in some people actively attacking. There is no patch for apache as yet,…

  • RimuHosting turns on redundant PSU and redundant power feed options

    We are happy to announce that we now able to offer dedicated servers with redundant power supplies as well as servers on redundant (A+B) power feeds. The redundant power supply means that your server gets two power connections.  Each drawing about 50% of the servers power.  If one PSU fails then the other takes over.

  • Wildcard DNS queries added to our DNS API

    We are updating our DNS API (Zonomi and RimuHosting) to support a name/host argument of ** (where is your DNS zone).  This will find any DNS records ending with This could be used, for example, in providing your own UI from end to our name servers.  Or for setting up slave DNS servers.…

  • 10 August Dallas outage report

    We posted a report on the Dallas power outage on 10 August CST. We are happy to update that report or contribute details here if you had any comments or requests. [Updated the notice at Sun 14@1008 UTC to include the data center outage report]

  • PCI compliance – a basic HOWTO

    A lot of people are wanting to be PCI compliant these days, and this is generally a good thing. PCI compliance is not just a server spec, but a list of procedures, policies, controls over access to data. Therefore the server side is only one part of the process. It can be expensive and time…