Per minute billing

We have recently had a couple of questions/comments about how/whether we do per- minute/hour/day/month billing. Our goal is to only charge you for the minutes you use on a server. When you first get a server we pro-rate the service fee for the current calendar month, create an invoice and charge your credit card before… Continue reading Per minute billing

T-shirts are a coming…

T-shirts are great.  They cover a good part of your torso.  But not the arms.  So your elbows get to breathe. We think it is so important for your bare elbows to touch your desk while you’re admin-ing your server that we’d like to give a few of our most precious customers a free t-shirt.

Distrubution release support (CentOS4/Debian 5)

Linux distributions keep moving forwards, and as they progress older releases stop receiving security patches or updates. As part of our commitment to maintaining reliable and safe services, we would like to highlight the following announcements… CentOS-4 End Of Life The CentOS-4 distribution (current version 4.9) will be at End of Life on February 29,… Continue reading Distrubution release support (CentOS4/Debian 5)

Plesk updates and server security

Recently we were advised of a significant vulnerability in all older versions of the Plesk Panel. If you have not done so recently, we strongly recommend you schedule some time to update. Extended details about that are available. You can follow their instructions to update your Plesk instance.  Or please just pop in a support… Continue reading Plesk updates and server security

Centos brcm-iscsi.log

We have noticed a log related to iscsi daemons filling up disk space on a few of our Centos 5 VPSs lately. There have been a few reports of this in other places: It seems after you do a yum or apt-get update past Centos 5.6, this unneeded service will sometimes get enabled: #… Continue reading Centos brcm-iscsi.log