Month: April 2012

  • Wordcamp New Zealand – Scaling Servers

     On the 22nd of April, I (Liz) was lucky enough to be able to speak on scaling WordPress and servers at the New Zealand WordCamp. The people there were great, and i ended up meeting and talking to many fascinating people about all sorts of code, servers, set ups among other things. I was a […]

  • Run your own kernel with PV-Grub

    We have just added PV-Grub capability to our VPS offerings. PV-Grub lets you run a custom kernel on your server.  Rimuhosting is all about flexibility and PV-Grub is one feature that will give our customers a lot of different options.  Custom modules, latest kernel, old kernel, kernel development, lots of good stuff. We continue to […]

  • WordPress mass update script 3.3.2

    This script will search /var/www (changeable in a variable) for any wordpress installs and make sure its upgraded to the latest version. It will run a backup to /root/wp_upgrade/ of all files and database before doing anything with the site in case of major catastrophe (make sure you have spare disk space if your sites […]

  • $100/m off selected dual proc Xeons!

    We have a very limited stock of some great dual processor Xeons available. For a limited time and while stocks last we are offering a $100/m discount on these servers. 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core 2006 Clovertown or Harpertown CPU 1.6GHz+ (specific model would depend on available stock) Can take 4-24GB of memory. RAID […]

  • The Great T-Shirt Swap – Instructables

    Well, we got the first shirts in the door today, thanks to our great friends over at Here is a picture of a few of the office staff (not all of them) located in Cambridge wearing them.