Run your own kernel with PV-Grub

We have just added PV-Grub capability to our VPS offerings.

PV-Grub lets you run a custom kernel on your server.  Rimuhosting is all about flexibility and PV-Grub is one feature that will give our customers a lot of different options.  Custom modules, latest kernel, old kernel, kernel development, lots of good stuff.

We continue to offer our own kernels.  These run external to the VPS. In these we enable most common options (but occasionally a customer would require an option we had not enabled). And in that case, if the customer lets us know we would often just go build a custom kernel for that customer with the options enabled.

PV-Grub is an option for you if you need to run some particular version of some kernel or module for a particular reason.  Most customers will not need to touch their kernel setup (the externally provided kernels work really well for a lot of people).

With PV-Grub, you are in control of the kernel you use, and can keep that updated as you see fit and load whichever modules you would like to run.

With our provided kernels then we get to do a bit of testing.  To ensure that the servers operate reliably on that particular kernel.  And to enable to us automatically upgrade kernels over time.  For people that do not want to fuss about doing that even if there are security exploits discovered.

To switch to PV-Grub or to find out if it is right for you check:

For example, you will need to install grub and a kernel.

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