Credit card processor change

FYI our original credit card processor (WorldPay) has pulled out of the New Zealand market.  We are now using a different credit card processor (BNZ). You may find that the transaction description that appears on your CC statement is slightly different.  It should still clearly identify the payment as being to RimuHosting (including for customers… Continue reading Credit card processor change

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Running Vagrant in your VPS

Vagrant is often used to set up development environments in a standardized way, so that your software project deployed via vagrant has a standard environment with all the operating system components and set-up it needs to work properly. It creates a virtual machine to provide this environment, so that different developers can work on it… Continue reading Running Vagrant in your VPS

Getting help

The following conversation plays out in our inbox and Live Chat a good few times a week. In fact, you may have received a link to this post from one of those places. If so, then the dialog below could be an easy way for you to better understand your situation and to get the… Continue reading Getting help

Restoring an Exploited WordPress files

I previously had a 10 step process to replace all the files in a wordpress, this got rid of most file based exploits. Since then i have written a shell script that pretty much incorperates that wget chmod +x ./ /full/path/to/documentrootwget chmod +x ./ /full/path/to/documentroot Note: This does not do custom… Continue reading Restoring an Exploited WordPress files

Free Kubernetes hosting for developers

RimuHosting are working on a command line tool set to easily setup and manage a Kubernetes cluster.  We are currently in a trial phase. During this phase we will be providing free Kubernetes cluster hosting to developers needing an easy-to-setup, publicly-accessible Kubernetes cluster to hack on. Just email support at rimuhosting, mention this blog post… Continue reading Free Kubernetes hosting for developers