Distro upgrade as a service

For several years we have worked with customers to upgrade dozens of servers (primarily Debian and Ubuntu) from old (sometimes ancient) distro versions to the latest, stable versions.

We are now offering this distro upgrade as a service.

The upgrade steps are as follows:

  • We collect systems information to ensure your setup is updatable (e.g. that the server is SSH accessible, running Debian or Ubuntu, has sufficient space to run a backup).
  • We trigger a backup of your current server (it does not have to be a RimuHosting server).
  • We import that into a new RimuHosting VM
  • We dist-upgrade the new VM to the latest stable version
  • We crossgrade that from 32bit to 64bit if necessary
  • You perform your QA checks
  • You point your DNS to the updated server

The upgrade as a service is non-destructive: we only make changes to a copy of your server, not the original.

As an introductory offer this service is provided for no cost. After the upgrade, there will be a hosting fee for the resulting server.

To get going, just mention this post and any details about your setup on our contact form.

Sample scenario: Upgrade your Debian 8 Jessie server to Debian 10 buster and regain access to Debian security updates, and features like automated LetsEncrypt certificate installs.

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