New drive options: bigger, faster Intel SSDs!

Intel recently released their new generation of 330 series SSD drives.  These take over from the well regarded X25-M SSD drives.  But add more capacity.  Better performance.  And lower cost per GB!

Our new Sandybridge dedicated servers come with SATA3 which helps maximize the 330 series drive performance.  Data sheets show that over SATA 3 (at 6Gb/s) these drives can achieve 450+ MB/s, and ~25k IOPS.

We now offer the larger capacity 120GB and 180GB Intel 330 SSD (Sandforce based) options replacing both the original Intel X25-M 80gb option.

The SSDs are ideal for customers with performance critical IO loads.  Primarily: databases on sites with many concurrent users.  The low latency and very high throughput reduce overall server load.   And let you maximize other resources besides IO (like CPU and bandwidth).  This has the cascade effect of allowing your services to do more work on the same hardware.   Combine with plenty of RAM and our new Sandybridge CPUs and the  SSDs are hard to beat.

The SSDs are available for order on any of our Dallas-based dedicated servers.  Select the model that best suits you at

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