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  • Older versions of debian and updates

    We have come across several users who run older versions of debian. This is usually fine, sometimes for some reasons users are unable to update for some time but require a package to be installed. This is where the fun begins…

  • Security at home – encrypted home directories

    This isn’t directly server related at all, more for the home or office user who wants to make sure things are nice and secure. At the office we like to also make sure our desktops are fairly safe to connect from as well, mostly  in case the machines ever get stolen, we know our data […]

  • Whats using all my disk space up?

    Often we get asked by customers ‘What is using up all my disk space on my VPS?’. Usually we track it down to log files not being rotated or email etc. Here are a few of the commands we use to do that.

  • Plan pricing in NZD, USD, GBP and AUD

    Historically all our server prices were denominated in US dollars. We have just updated our plans so that new orders are denominated in currency of the country where the server is located.  i.e. NZ-based servers in NZD, Oz-based serves in AUD, and London-based servers in GBP. Typically customers ordering servers in those locations we live […]

  • Debugging broken mail daemons

    Getting bounced mail? here let me try and explain a few of the more common problems. Have you added the domain to accept mail? You need to add the domain into the mail server so it knows to accept email for it. If it accepts mail for every domain then its fairly easy for somebody […]

  • Twitter Competition – Who won?

    The randomly chosen main prize of $100 VPS Hosting credit went to a guy called Simon W  @simon_w – http://simon.geek.nz/ Simon had been desperate to get away from shared hosting. He couldn’t afford to move to his own VPS for another couple of months, so we really happy that he won. We decided because we […]

  • RimuHosting launches NZ-based VPS hosting

    I am happy to announce RimuHosting is now offering NZ-based VPS hosting. The plans are listed at http://rimuhosting.com/auckland-servers RimuHosting is an NZ company.  But we have never hosted servers from NZ-before.  Most of our customers (and therefore servers) are over in the US and the UK. So a couple of weeks back had our San […]

  • Twitter competition: Win $100 worth of RimuHosting hosting credits

    For a bit of fun RimuHosting is giving away a $100 VPS hosting credit.  For example, that is 5 months’ worth of MiroVPS1 hosting  for your  own website! To enter just re-tweet this message: RT: @rimuhosting is giving away $100 worth of VPS hosting credits. Visit http://tinyurl.com/twittercredits for more info! Click for an easy retweet […]

  • Upgrading to Karmic Koala ? VPS broken? Heres the fix!

    If you upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, and rebooted, and it hasn’t come back up, here’s what to do The first thing you try is the console  https://rimuhosting.com/cp/vps/console.jsp . Add your key or setup a password and then ssh into the host it gives you to see if you actually have this problem. If you can […]

  • Has your VPS been hacked?

    If you use any pre-packaged software, it always pays to sign up to their mailing list or security advisory list. This means if any exploits or updates happen, you are on the ball and up to date. Today we had an email from a customer whos front page had been replaced. I noticed it was […]