The Pool table that never happened

Now here's a story about how awesome our boss Peter is, and how our offices are just a little to hard to get too at times ..

Once apon a time, Rimuhosting was based in a room in Peters house (like all good start-up companies). Eventually he gained the trust of many  customers and made the move to a small office at on the top floor of a building in town. This was great,  he hired more fantastic Sys-admins and slowly got bigger.

Eventually came the day when he decided to buy the entire top floor and extend into the other offices.  Since he had grand ideas to get a development team this worked out well.

Next to the kitchen there was a large room which he named the conference room.  He then purchased a large table made of Rimu which weighed in at about 150KG.  Once this table arrived all the workers stopped work, unbolted the legs, tied ropes to this table and hauled it up through the center of the stairwell half way, and then jiggled it up each step until finally it arrived.

It was no easy mission, and the table was fantastic. Recently somebody suggested a pool table would go well with the ping pong table we have. Thus we have the Pool table theory.  Peter bought a pool table, and being Peter he didn't get the normal cheap wooden one, but a proper one with a slate base that weighed in at 450KG.

The size  of it was smaller or similar to the conference table, so he thought we ought to be able to get it up the stairs.

It took a few guys to carry off the truck and into the downstairs area.  They carefully pulled it apart into smaller pieces, took parts they could carry up then prepared ropes and people to hoist it up the middle of the stairway.

The guys all sat about and looked at each other,  discussed what way was the best to get the remaining table top up the stairs. About 30 minutes later we all came to the conclusion that, though it was a fantastic idea, there was no real safe way to get this huge heavy table up the stairwell.

We brought back down all the parts, and had to send the pool table back from where it came.

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2 Responses to The Pool table that never happened

  1. vivy says:

    don't see Peter doing any of the lifting in those photos.

  2. Liz Quilty says:

    He was too busy counting the $ he would have to pay if/when somebody got hurt whilst manoeuvring it up the stairwell!