Month: November 2009

  • Debugging broken mail daemons

    Getting bounced mail? here let me try and explain a few of the more common problems. Have you added the domain to accept mail? You need to add the domain into the mail server so it knows to accept email for it. If it accepts mail for every domain then its fairly easy for somebody […]

  • Karmic Koala VPS Images Available

    The latest 6 monthly Ubuntu build, Karmic Koala, was released to the public on Oct, 29th.  That is now an option when ordering a new VPS  or for a fresh install on an existing VPS (contact us if you have questions about retaining your data after the reinstall). If you don’t want to reinstall an […]

  • 32bit or 64bit – Choose Your VPS Kernel

    Sometimes we roll out new features in our control panel without announcing them.  We usually do this so that we see a trickle of new users initially which helps identify any bugs or missing functionality before the entire userbase starts hammering the new features.  :) Selecting your VPS kernel bit-edness (32bit or 64bit) is one […]

  • Pacman Cookies at

    Last night i spent a while making Pacman cookies, i brought them into the office today. The idea originated from when i was making Xmas Mince pies, i cut the circle then cut a V out so i wouldn’t have leftover dough. Since i was doing a cookie swap at the time i made a […]

  • apache modules to help keep your system steady

    libapache2-mod-bw – bandwidth limiting module This module allows you to limit bandwidth usage on every virtual host or directory or to restrict the number of simultaneous connections. The bandwidth control, for example, can be configured according to the criteria: origin of the connection, file extension, file size or user agent of the client. Example: LoadModule […]

  • Twitter Competition – Who won?

    The randomly chosen main prize of $100 VPS Hosting credit went to a guy called Simon W  @simon_w – Simon had been desperate to get away from shared hosting. He couldn’t afford to move to his own VPS for another couple of months, so we really happy that he won. We decided because we […]

  • RimuHosting launches NZ-based VPS hosting

    I am happy to announce RimuHosting is now offering NZ-based VPS hosting. The plans are listed at RimuHosting is an NZ company.  But we have never hosted servers from NZ-before.  Most of our customers (and therefore servers) are over in the US and the UK. So a couple of weeks back had our San […]

  • WordPress Update Script – 2.8.6 and WordPress MU

    New WordPress came out last Friday,  Sorry about the delay updating the script. This script will update all instances of wordpress that are not the most current. Run it as root, it will make backups in /root/wp_upgrades of both databases and files in case things go wrong. It will determine if its a WordPress or […]

  • Twitter competition: Win $100 worth of RimuHosting hosting credits

    For a bit of fun RimuHosting is giving away a $100 VPS hosting credit.  For example, that is 5 months’ worth of MiroVPS1 hosting  for your  own website! To enter just re-tweet this message: RT: @rimuhosting is giving away $100 worth of VPS hosting credits. Visit for more info! Click for an easy retweet […]

  • RimuHosting takes over the operation of HostingDirect’s VPSs

    Today RimuHosting has entered into an agreement to take over the operation of HostingDirect’s VPSs and their billing. Ben Simpson of Hosting Direct emailed some of his VPS customers today saying: Morgan from Hosting Direct will be leaving the team on the 12th of November 2009, he was the one who created the VPS infrastructure […]