JBoss AS 7.1 install script

JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is an open-source Java EE-based application server. It has been optimized for multiples cores, it has a very fast startup time and a great low memory consumption.

We have created a new version of the jboss install script. Jboss 7 changed a lot the way it is configured, that is why we are keeping separate install scripts.

The new script is available for download at:


It has been tested in Debian Squeeze and Centos 6, should work for Ubuntu too.

Any support enquiries you might have about the script or JBoss do not hesitate to contact the Rimuhosting support team. Feedback and bug reports of course are welcome too.

The script features:

– Install version 7.1.1 (at the moment of writing this), but can be easily modified to install further versions.

– Will disable the JMX remote access. Also users may want to secure/disable the management interfaces per: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/Securing+the+Management+Interfaces

– Offer options to configure JBoss to start at boot time. Contains a “Work in progress” init script, that has some known issues, it is very basic but it should work fine in most of the cases.
Users having multiples instances of jboss should be aware that this new init script will stop all the jboss servers owned by the user jboss when the stop command is issued.

– install the mysql connector, without a datastore definition, but details are posted on how to configure a datastore when this task is performed.

– It won’t configure logrotate for any log files

To use it:

# wget 'http://proj.ri.mu/installjboss.sh'

# bash installjboss.sh

Here are the command line options the script support:

Usage: ./installjboss.sh [--noprompt]
[--installtarget ] [--skip-java]

Option notes:
--noprompt makes safe assumptions and runs without user interaction
--installtarget optional install location (default is /usr/local/jboss)

The legacy script is still available for download at:


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  1. Hi,
    We could not find a license for this script, may we use, change and distribute it freely?