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  • Letting 3rd parties update credit card details

    Some of our customers pay for their servers using a 3rd party’s credit card (their boss’, partner’s or a generous friend’s). Every now and then those details need to get updated (new CC expiry dates, or a replacement card).   You can now let 3rd parties set their credit card details on our site without […]

  • DebConf15 Report

    Camera Canon EOS 650D We love Debian.  A lot.  In fact we make it our recommended distro.  We do that since it makes it easy to deploy, and maintain most recent packages resulting in fewer sysadmin headaches for us and our customers. This year we decided to send a delegation of one (Juan Rossi) to […]

  • Jobs at RimuHosting!

    RimuHosting is looking for experienced Linux sysadmins to provide support to our hosting customers as well as to help build and maintain our global hosting infrastructure.

  • July 2015 brings more resources, less money

    We have just tweaked 0ur pricing.  You can now get more memory and disk for the same money!  New order pricing starts from $12/m for a minimally configured VM.  On the VM Hosting Budget plan on average you will be getting 15% more memory. For customers with existing VMs on shared hosts check our upgrade […]

  • $40 hosting credit coupon on new orders

    A little coupon fun! You can add a $40 credit to your account when you order a new server with us. Our servers are popular for hosting WordPress sites, drupal and Tomcat-based websites.  When paired with a hosting control panel (like cPanel or Plesk) it is very easy to host multiple sites for you or […]

  • Rimuhosting May 2015 newsletter

    A recap of recent improvements We have been doing some major networking upgrades over in Dallas. Lots of 10G fiber being run. More uplink capacity. More capacity between servers. We have expanded our global presence to Frankfurt. You can order a VM there. Or we can provide custom quotes for dedicated servers there. Intel keeps […]

  • Debian 8 (Jessie) available

    We now have a Debian 8 image available for new VM setups and reinstalls. Debian 8 is code named “Jessie”. There is only a 64 bit image.  Most customers are now ordering 64 bit distros.  And some distros only come in a 64 bit flavor now, e.g. Centos 7. Debian 8 is also an option […]

  • Linux 4.0 kernel available

    On the page you can now select the 4.0 kernel for your VM.  Includes: OverlayFS, carries on with support required for Docker and SELinux, lots of new nf/eb table options, openvswitch, nfs4 support and too many other new kernel tweaks to mention.  Plus newer, fresher kernel code with lots of fixes to bugs (which […]

  • Dallas network upgrade

    Dallas is our busiest location.  We have many, many cabinets there filled with wonderfully shiny servers (all black, as befits our Kiwi origins).  That setup has grown somewhat organically since 2005.  Our core networking wiring was starting to be a little scary.  And network capacity (ports and bandwidth was staring to be an issue). So […]

  • Brute force SSH protection

    We have implemented some brute force SSH attack protection on VMs. Your servers should start to receive fewer connections from bots trying to bruteforce crack passwords on your server user accounts. Behind the scenes we have setup honey trap servers.  Botnets with no good reason to connect to these servers attempt to connect to the […]