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  • Debian Squeeze (6) ends support – time to upgrade

    February 29th, 2016 marks the end of LTS Support for Debian Squeeze, which is still used by many of our customers.  This means that updates for known security issues will no longer be produced and over time, a server running this version will become vulnerable to being exploited. Squeeze was released in 2011 and was […]

  • VM hosting now available at NextDC in Sydney

    We are happy to announce we are now offering VM hosting out of the NextDC facility in Sydney!   Some highlights: Uptime Institute Tier III certification. N+1 power and cooling. Hot and cold aisles for peak cooling power efficiency. Cardboard- (and dust-) free data halls. Locked cabinets. Inert gas fire suppressant. Financially stable, publicly listed data […]

  • Don’t let the OOM killer stop MySQL

    Many of our customers are successfully using MySQL (or MariaDB) databases on their servers, and they usually run fine as installed and do not need any special attention. However, occasionally problems can occur with MySQL, and this may indicate that some manual tuning is required. One scenario is when the system is short of memory, […]

  • Using Vagrant to Manage Rimu VPS systems

    Vagrant is high level wrapper around virtualization and configuration management software. It simplifies the creation and management of easily reproduceable environments. It is particularly suited for development and test enviroments where servers are brought up and down frequently. It can also be used to bootstrap production systems. It can be used with configuration management software […]

  • Credit card processor change

    FYI our original credit card processor (WorldPay) has pulled out of the New Zealand market.  We are now using a different credit card processor (BNZ). You may find that the transaction description that appears on your CC statement is slightly different.  It should still clearly identify the payment as being to RimuHosting (including for customers […]

  • Running Vagrant in your VPS

    Vagrant is often used to set up development environments in a standardized way, so that your software project deployed via vagrant has a standard environment with all the operating system components and set-up it needs to work properly. It creates a virtual machine to provide this environment, so that different developers can work on it […]

  • Getting help

    The following conversation plays out in our inbox and Live Chat a good few times a week. In fact, you may have received a link to this post from one of those places. If so, then the dialog below could be an easy way for you to better understand your situation and to get the […]

  • Free Kubernetes hosting for developers

    RimuHosting are working on a command line tool set to easily setup and manage a Kubernetes cluster.  We are currently in a trial phase. During this phase we will be providing free Kubernetes cluster hosting to developers needing an easy-to-setup, publicly-accessible Kubernetes cluster to hack on. Just email support at rimuhosting, mention this blog post […]

  • Kubernetes support on RimuHosting VMs

    “Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions. Using the concepts of “labels” and “pods”, it groups the containers which make up an application into logical units for easy management […]

  • RimuHosting offering CoreOS

    You can now order RimuHosting VMs running CoreOS! CoreOS lets you provide startup ‘recipies’ (via cloud init files) to automatically install and provision container based micro services and applications.  You can use tools like fleet and kubernetes to manage clusters of CoreOS servers. Setting up a CoreOS server is easy.  You just use our regular […]